Sweetly in St. Louis by Rachel Katzman custom cookie decorating
How long does it take to make custom cookies?

Custom cookies take anywhere from 2-3 days to complete from start to finish. This includes making icing, mixing multiple colors and icing consistencies, making the dough, baking time, and decorating time. Decorating is an intricate process that can sometimes require a drying time of "overnight" in between each process.

Why are custom cookies expensive?

Custom cookies are typically more costly than store-bought cookies because of the time it takes to make the cookie from baking to decorating. For example, mixing multiple icing colors and creating the right icing consistency can often take more than an hour. Also, if a cookie has multiple colors, written words or designs involved, this will make the cost of the cookie more expensive.

Do you ever have "extra" cookies on hand?

Yes, there are times when I do have extra cookies. I often make extras for my custom orders.

When should I place an order? How much time do you need to complete an order?

As soon as you know you need cookies, or you’re in the planning stages of an event, contact me so I can put you on my calendar—especially if it’s around a holiday. I can only produce so many cookies per week, so it’s important for you to get on my schedule. However, there are times when I have an opening at the last minute, so feel free to contact me even if it’s 2-3 days prior to your event. Also, there might be times when I’m working on a similar order and can add you in. It never hurts to ask! 🙂

Do you deliver?

Yes. I deliver for a $20 delivery fee.

Do you ship cookies?

In order to be in compliance with the Missouri state food cottage laws, I am not able to ship cookies. However, I am able to package and box cookies to prepare them for you to ship for a $15 fee.

Do your cookies contain nuts?

No. However, my kitchen is NOT nut free.

Can you make gluten-free cookies?

I can make gluten-free cookies upon request, but there is a cost increase and my kitchen is NOT gluten free.

Where are you located?

I am centrally located at Highway 40 and McKnight. I will disclose my address before pick up.

Do you individually package and put bows on cookies?

Yes. I can package and "bow" your cookies for an extra cost of $5/dozen.

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