Drop cookies

These cookies are dropped onto a baking sheet from a ball of dough.

Sweetly in St. Louis by Rachel Katzman everything drop cookie



This cookie, a.k.a. the "garbage" cookie, has everything (and more) a cookie should have! Heath bar, M&Ms, caramel, semi-sweet chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate chips! It’s Sweetly in St. Louis’ best-selling drop cookie.

Sweetly in St. Louis by Rachel Katzman white chocolate chip drop cookie

white chocolate chip


This cookie has a deep, chocolatey flavor that comes from using cocoa powder in the dough. Think "brownie meets cookie" with Ghirardelli white chocolate chips. The crackled top makes the cookie rich in texture as well as taste.

Sweetly in St. Louis by Rachel Katzman chocolate chip drop cookie

Chocolate chip


This is truly an exceptional chocolate chip cookie! Made with Ghirardelli chocolate chips, this cookie has a soft, under-baked middle with a crisp edge. This substantial cookie has the perfect ratio of chocolate chips to cookie dough.

Sweetly in St. Louis by Rachel Katzman gooey butter cookie

Gooey butter


This cookie takes St. Louis’s gooey butter cake and puts it in a cookie. The cookie is kissed on the bottom by the heat, cracked on top and super soft in the middle with a dusting of powdered sugar.  Who needs a whole gooey butter cake when a cookie will do just fine?

Please note: Large cookies are approximately 3" in diameter. Two dozen minimum order required.

don't see your favorite cookie?

I can make any kind of drop cookie upon request. Just ask!

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